Ascending and descending skills of portable electric wheelchair and related matters

         The use of portable electric wheelchairs is conducive to the actions of elderly friends and people with disabilities, and they are greatly facilitated in terms of travel. Of course, there is no problem when operating on flat ground. When operating a wheelchair up and down, you need to know some tips and precautions.

         Due to the influence of the slope, the slope surface needs to be measured in advance when passing through the uphill and downhill sections. Can't push forward unintentionally, so as to avoid accidents of overturning and causing injuries;
       If you find obstacles such as stones on the way uphill, you need to hold the brakes firmly to prevent the portable electric wheelchair from slipping back. Ask for help and get over obstacles with the help of people around you. On the downhill road, you need to control the speed to slow down in advance, so as to avoid unexpected situations that are difficult to control in time because of the speed too fast.

       Regardless of whether it is a motor vehicle or a portable electric wheelchair, you need to remember not to slip on the downhill section, and to slide in neutral. Because the car is relatively difficult to control during the downhill process. Once the car is in neutral, it will be very difficult to reduce the speed midway. Therefore, do not lock the lever strictly in the hand push mode to prevent personal injury.

       When operating a portable electric wheelchair, you need to fasten your seat belt, because the body is difficult to control when going up and down the slope. If an accident occurs, the seat belt can achieve good protection. Electric wheelchairs bring convenience to travel and also have safety issues, so it is best to understand the relevant use skills and main precautions before operating and using.