Compare walkers and walking sticks

        Everyone knows that walking aids and walking sticks are auxiliary devices that are not convenient for patients or elderly people to walk. But do you know the differences in their use? Let's first meet crutches and walkers:

        Canes are almost always used by people with normal hand muscles. If users with good hand control and strong upper limb support can choose one-leg crutches at this time, users with slightly poorer balance can choose three-leg or four-leg crutches, which have good stability.

        Walkers are generally made of aluminum alloy. The overall weight will be lighter and harder. It is a triangular frame structure that can protect the user. The use of both hands limits the user's balance. People with weak coordination ability will have larger volume compared to crutches, but walkers can be folded. Furthermore, walkers generally have both interactive and fixed functions. Useful for rehabilitation users.