How to choose Homecare Bed correctly?

Homecare Beds are generally divided into two types: manual and electric. This one needs to be selected according to needs.
1. Electric Homecare Bed:
The name of the electric Homecare Bed sounds a bit more advanced, so its price will be relatively high. The electric Homecare Bed is more suitable for people with long-term bed-ridden mobility. It can turn over the shaker and automatically clean up urine and urine, etc., because the patient You can adjust it yourself, so that it can also affect the patient’s body and mind

Rehabilitation is beneficial. Patients will not feel that they need help from others. It also reduces the burden on caregivers and can better take care of the elderly.
2. Manual Homecare Bed:
Manual Homecare Bed is generally suitable for patients with short-term use. For those who are not demanding, you can choose. Because there is no convenience of electric Homecare Bed, the burden on the attendant is relatively heavier. Manual Homecare Bed is also divided into single shake and double shake , It depends on the patient's own needs.
Whether you choose manual or electric, the most important thing is to pay attention to patient safety!