Either the wheelchair is more expensive or the quality is the same as that of the elderly. You must choose an electric wheelchair for the elderly according to the actual situation.

Generally, the ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR used by the elderly requires about 2.5 4cm clearance between the thighs and armrests after the wheelchair. If the wheelchair is pushed too wide, it is easy to fatigue, the body cannot maintain balance, and it is too wide to pass the narrow aisle Do not place your hands comfortably on the armrest. If the seat is too narrow, it will wear the skin of the hips and thighs of the elderly.
The upper edge of the ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR backrest should be about 10 cm under the armpit, so that the larger the range of arm movement, the more convenient the function can be. Generally, elderly people with good balance and less mobility choose low-back electric wheelchairs, so the height should be adjusted according to different people.

In addition, in order to make the elderly feel comfortable in a wheelchair and prevent long bedsores, it is necessary to put a cushion on the wheelchair seat to disperse the pressure on the buttocks. The generally recommended cushions are foam rubber and inflatable cushions.