How to maintain Etelectric Multifunctions Care Bed?

Etelectric Multifunctions Care Bed is generally driven by an electric push rod, so it cannot be jumped on the bed surface, and it cannot be carried out when people sit on the backboard and stand on the bed surface when the backboard is raised. After braking, the brake must be released and then moved. It cannot be pushed horizontally. This is to avoid damage to the guardrail.

During normal use, you can observe whether the bottom structure of Etelectric Multifunctions Care Bed is loose or rusty. Once a problem occurs, it must be dealt with in time. If the damage is relatively large, you can only stop using it or send it. Back to the factory for repairs, do not repair by yourself.
Because of self-maintenance, there may be hidden safety hazards that may harm the patient. Also, when cleaning the Etelectric Multifunctions Care Bed, you should pay attention to cutting off the power supply to protect yourself and to make the life of the hospital care bed longer. In addition, many people will use the force to operate the care bed shake blindly during use. Lever, this will bring different degrees of secondary injury to the patient, be careful not to push and pull the rocker blindly.