Precautions during use of Electric Wheelchairs

People with mental disorders and unresponsiveness are strictly prohibited from using the Electric Wheelchairs; those who are unable to use the upper limbs and who are difficult to operate are also strictly prohibited. Do not get on or off the electric wheelchair when the power is on or when the hand brake is not applied. Do not drive your electric wheelchair. Violation of national and local traffic regulations. Do not make sharp turns during high-speed driving. The electric wheelchair that is driving should be decelerated to below 2km/h before steering.
When driving up and down the slope, you should drive along the slope direction instead of perpendicular to the slope. Otherwise, there is a danger of overturning. Do not park the electric wheelchair on the slope; do not turn or turn on the slope.

Do not use electric wheelchairs on sandstone or soft ground to avoid driving on slopes greater than 8 degrees and over obstacles above 4 cm. Electric wheelchairs should be placed under normal use.

Do not drive the electric wheelchair to the outside when it is stopped for a long time or when it is raining. Be careful not to get wet. If you do not use the electric wheelchair for a long time, you should turn off the power switch. Do not disassemble or modify the zero of the electric wheelchair. Parts or parts that are not manufactured by the company