What exactly do the built-in handles on both sides of the Hospital Bed do?

      If you want to move the Hospital Bed in an ambulance, you need equipment to support the Hospital Bed. Generally speaking, six handles can be built in on both sides of the Hospital Bed, which is safe and firm, suitable for multiple people and two people at the same time. The design of the humanized inward-rolling handle allows rescuers to feel comfortable during long-term transportation.

       The special internal orientation system can make the grains evenly distributed, the seams are flat and firm, and the side width is not less than 1CM, so this can be kept flat in any use environment. The exhaust valve is located at the side of the Hospital Bed, so it can be pumped freely even during use without causing any discomfort to the patient.

       With a unique and dexterous structure, it can easily realize a variety of posture changes, and can adapt to emergency care in complex situations. Using the principle of vacuum negative pressure, the device can keep the patient's body in a fixed state and prevent the patient's secondary injury.
        It is especially suitable for use with the hospital bed ambulance. When the cart is on the ground, the height of the cart body can be adjusted in six levels as required, and the bed surface of the cart can be adjusted to a forward or backward tilt according to actual operation requirements.