What should I pay attention to when purchasing ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR?

Wheelchairs are now an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and disabled people with limited mobility. Wheelchairs are generally divided into manual and electric. Traditional manual wheelchairs are easy to use, flexible, and affordable, making them ideal for home use at an economical level.

The ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR has the advantages of smooth power and adjustable speed, and is now more and more popular among users. So what do you need to pay attention to when purchasing a wheelchair?

First of all, in the actual purchase, it is recommended to choose a wheelchair that can be folded, so that it is convenient to fold the wheelchair into the trunk of the car and carry it upstairs. Second, if a special user can't use the wheelchair with both hands, it is recommended to choose a wheelchair that can drive two wheels at the same time with only one hand, so that the caregiver can not avoid the use of the wheelchair.
Third, when you buy a wheelchair, you should ask more questions. It depends on whether the seat and backrest materials are strong and durable. The second is to look at the quality of the rim and the axle. The flexibility of turning the wheel is not enough. The third is to look at the appearance of the wheelchair and see how the quality is. The tires should also be inspected and finally selected for durability and good quality. At the time of final purchase, you will also need to see the instructions and warranty and the medical device registration certificate for the wheelchair.
In the course of using the wheelchair, the consumer should strictly follow the product manual. If there is any abnormality, please suspend the use and contact the seller.