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Lightweight folding steel toilet commode wheelchair commodes designed and manufactured to the highest standards of discerning healthcare professionals.

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The lightweight folding steel toilet commode wheelchair is designed in a European style, combined with cutting-edge ultra-lightweight wheelchair technology, with a high-gloss aluminum frame, which pulls out the seat plate, is easy to clean, swings the armrests, and the footrest is adjustable and detachable to meet various rehabilitation requirements.

Product Description: 
1.Foldable, Main frame with aluminum
1. Aluminum Frame, Foldable, Disassembly
2. Detachable Footrest, Armrest adjustable height in four steps
3. Front wheel with 6 inch; 12 inch real wheel
4. Upturned U-shaped open soft cushion



Product Parameters
1. Product Size: 82*65.5*88
2. Packing Size: 65*37*55, 1pcs/ctn
3. N/G:10/11.2KG
4. Maximum Capacity: 150KG


Basic configuration

Warranty: 1 Year


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